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The NEXT Bad Seeds rehearsal is scheduled for:  TBA

When we rehearse Saturday all of our classmates and friends are welcome at the Parlor Studio.

We usually rehearse from around 10:00am to 4:00pm.
The Parlor Studio is located: 118-B South Main Street, McGregor, TX.
Parking is at the rear of the building [either side of the alley].  [
See Map]

We usually have breakfast at The Coffee Shop at 9:00am sharp. 
[if you want to have breakfast with us let us know so we can make reservations].

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Ashley Hale has some new music that you should hear.  Listen to some clips of her music and tell her what you think.

The Bad Seeds supported:  The McGregor Volunteer Fire Department $4000 Give Away and BBQ - June 14th, 2008.  This is always a "big event" to help funding for our Volunteer Fire Department.  We provided one of the prizes this year!

The Bad Seeds - The 2007 Founders' Day performance was our third consecutive year.  We had the 7:00pm to 8:30pm time slot, and the weather was just perfect for an outdoor venue.  We had a great time and enjoyed playing for our classmates, friends, and supporters.  If you came to the dance we thank you.  If you weren't there click on the link [above] to view some images of what you missed.

The Bad Seeds - History is now online for your review.  Mike Dugo owner of the allows us the platform to re-tell our early days [when we were all younger].  The interview contains quotes from all the band members and is actually a very interesting read.

The Bad Seeds - Return album is now available from numerous sources:
download from iTunes | download from | download from Yahoo Music download from AOL Music | and [for our European fans] download from Virgin Digital It is truly amazing how many millions of songs are available from the internet.  We hope your find ours interesting enough to download and play loud.

The Bad Seeds - Links Page
The connection to our many friends and supporters.  If you would, please take the opportunity to visit as many of the web locations as possible.

The Bad Seeds - Press Release
[More information about the origins of the band and our music].

The Bad Seeds -The Bad Seeds Return album is distributed by DMGI.  They have been "good to us" and we are promoting them to all our fans, friends, and classmates.  They offer audio and video content that should appeal particularly the "the baby boomers."  View the most current DMGI content.

The Bad Seeds Band Images
Here are some "head shots" of the band. 
Special thanks to photographer Charley Parker for taking these images.

Classmates and Friends - The special location where we talk about people that need talking about...,

The Bad Seeds Video - We are working on an MTV style video.  In fact, it is a high priority for all of us.  Until we are done..., here is a home video of The Bad Seeds rehearsing Louie Louie at "the Parlor" in McGregor, TX [February, 2007].

The Morticians - Most of The Bad Seeds have always admired the Morticians.  They have been performing in the Waco, TX area for over 40 years.  A few of us still hold a grudge from a "battle of the bands" contest from the mid 1960's.  We were up before the Morticians and (in our minds) the clear winner, however they took the stage and kicked of with a newly released Rolling Stones song titled "Paint it Black."  They really rocked the house and were the hands down winners.  I have never quite gotten over the disappointment.  Maybe we can have a rematch sometime and see who is the best band in this century.

While we are thinking about Waco in the 1960's..., whatever happened to the Knights Bridge Quintet?  They had a 45 rpm record "Sorrow in C-Major".  [A search resulted in no usable information].

The Bad Seeds 2004 - [Back when]  Here is a photograph taken Easter 2004 a Mikey's house in Montgomery, TX.

The Bad Seeds 1968 - [Way back when]  Skip's mama had this picture in a shoe box in her closet until the first Bad Seed Bash in 2000.  As far as we know it is the only existing original photograph of the Bad Seeds.  Who would ever believe that it has been 40 years since this picture was taken.  Most of us didn't think we would ever see 21 (sure fooled us, huh).

The Bad Seeds are listed on My First Band.  Dan and Keith are a couple of forward thinking guys that have listed us on their site for several years now.  [Thanks! guys] copyright 2007 image