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The Bad Seeds 2004 - [Back when] -  Photograph taken Easter 2004 a Mikey's house in Montgomery, Texas.

The Bad Seeds 1968 - [Way back when]  Skip's mama had this picture in a shoe box in her closet until the first Bad Seed Bash in 2000.  As far as we know it is the only existing original photograph of the Bad Seeds.  [Photograph taken on Valley Mills Drive, in Waco, Texas, in the Spring of 1968].

Skip Spoonts - Guitar  |  Mike Rushing - Bass  |  Larry Drennan - Vocals  |  Gene Gilstrap - Drums  |  Dennis Fehler - Keyboard  |  Allan Jansen - Guitar

Who would ever believe it has been all these years since this picture was taken.  [Most of us didn't think we would ever see age 21].

The Bad Seeds 1967 - [Way, Way back when]  These are the Kilgore, Texas - Bad Seeds. 

Johnny Swanson - Drums  |  Allan Jansen - Guitar  |  Dennis Fehler - Keyboard  |  Tommy Coleman - Bass  |  Larry Drennan - Vocals

We played at Fat City in 1967 and had more in attendance that John Fred and the Playboys and Roy Orbison.  [Ask how we know]?

The Bad Seeds 1965 - [Way, Way, Way back when] Pictured are a few of The Bad Seeds - [Before there were Bad Seeds].

Dewey Don Watson - Guitar  |  Skip Spoonts - Guitar  |  Dennis Fehler - Keyboard  |  Allan Jansen - Guitar  |  Joe Diaz - Drums [not pictured]

Performing at the McGregor High School, Winter Festival, [the old] HG Isbill Auditorium, December, 1965. copyright 2007 image