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Yes, The Bad Seeds - Return is now available for download from Apple iTunes. 

If you 1) have iTunes in your local machine and 2) have an existing iTunes account and 3) you know how to download music from the iTunes store go here:  The Bad Seeds Return on iTunes.

If you are new to iTunes or to music downloading the overview and process are outlined below:

The Bad Seeds Return - How to download music from Apple iTunes [image]

The future for both music and video entertainment is changing rapidly.  As of 2007, CD music sales are down 20% and music downloading is up 52%. Downloading [legal] music from the internet is not that difficult.  The first few times may be awkward but if you can learn to download theBadSeeds music you can learn to download any music or video content you desire [from the massive Apple Store collection].

If you can find this web page you probably have the basic skills required to download theBadSeeds (or any other music) from iTunes.  While there are numerous places on the internet to download music and video we believe that iTunes has the best [easiest to master] technology.  You have probably have or have heard about the iPod.  Well, iTunes is the software that allows your computer to manage music from the internet to your iPod.  ITunes makes the process very easy and straight forward.  [Obviously, you don't need to have and iPod or the new iPhone to use iTunes].

If you own a PC (as opposed to a Mac) iTunes will serve you well (it is an industry standard).  The [visual / video] media player iTunes uses is called QuickTime and is offered with the iTunes software download.  The tutorials suggested [below] require QuickTime for viewing. Apple makes the process easy, but if you want to do some "research" before you commit to iTunes there is plenty of information available from search engines such as

As you know, there is a "media player" that comes with your PC [Windows Media Player].  If you have a considerable time investment [and already know how to use] Windows Medial Player you will find the iTunes player just as easy, probably easier and more functional. After you download iTunes you can continue to use either Media Player or iTunes as you desire.

If you are new to music players and music downloading we recommend you try iTunes.  Chances are you will like the way it operates and will ultimately stick to it. You should know, if you can operate iTunes then you can probably operate any of the other music download and music players.  The different players have some style differences, but they all work (basically) the same.  Look at these suggested tutorials:

  • If you are new to music downloading look at these 19 iTune (text) tutorials.
    [This is a very good general overview of iTunes].

  • You need to create a "new account." Refer to this create a new account tutorial.
    [left click on > Play Video in the blue field just above "Tips" and " Steps"].

  • Find The Bad Seeds Return music downloads on Apple iTunes.
    [The link will auto-detect if you have iTunes in your local machine and offer it for download if you don't].

  • For more detailed iTunes information look at these iTunes (video) tutorials.
    [the tutorials shown are iTunes version 6, but the process is basically the same for version7].

  • Beyond the basics..., look at the iTunes Fast Start tutorials.
    [This is a more comprehensive view of the iTunes capabilities].

We hope this information has helped you gain a general understanding of Apple iTunes and downloading The Bad Seeds - Return music.