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Ray Hennig the ‘Godfather’ of Texas music stores dies at age 91

In 1964 Ray Hennig opened the Heart of Texas Music Store on W. 3rd Street in McGregor, Texas.  These days everyone talks about the Austin, Temple, and Waco Stores, and how the founding members of the were there at the beginning.

Ray was a neighbor, a family friend, and a tremendous benefactor to our band and to hundred of thousands of musicians over the 55+ years he operated HOT Music.

There are persistent stories about Willie and Ray and of course how Stevie Ray traded for his famous 59 Fender Stratocaster guitar from Ray.

We are riding on Ray’s coattails by talking about the influence he had on our young musical lives.  We know he is laughing about that with us.

Ray is the reason the Bad Seeds were a Band.  Without his help and encouragement, we would have never enjoyed the success we shared. He got us started in the McGregor HOT Music Store with Moon teaching us guitar and music style.

Selected individual Bad Seed stories about Ray from “way back in the day.”

Thank you, Ray – you will be missed.

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